5 Holiday Gifts that Will Make a Difference in 2018


The time for gift giving is upon us once again. This holiday season is a good time to introduce digital and analog tools to support you or someone you know to improve executive functions skills and productivity in the New Year.


1. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker:
Because physical and nutritional health support optimal brain functioning and the executive functions, why not check out fitness trackers and their accompanying mobile apps? Their power lies in the encouragement they give us to create, track, and reach health and fitness goals. Use them to analyze sleep patterns, exercise, and daily fluid and food intake. For the more social of us, they also connect us to others working toward similar goals.

2. Thinking Putty:
Fidget toys are an excellent way for those of us who need sensory input to focus, reduce anxiety, or control excessive movements. There are many fidget toys on the market, and their popularity even has some schools banning them from campus. Thinking Putty is the one product that tends to be useful for kids and adults and meets the requirement of being silent, non-distracting when used by itself, and effective. Check out the website below to see the different colors and properties of this engaging product. The 47 oz. tin is the right size for home, office, or school.

3. Livescribe Digital Pen:
Listening, thinking, and taking notes all at the same time can be a challenge in classes, lectures, and meetings. Digital pens to the rescue! When set for audio capture, they will record speech. You just sit back, listen, and process. If you like taking notes, many digital pens let you write on actual paper using ink. Your notes are automatically backed up and accessible digitally. Combine audio recording and digital backup, and you've covered your notetaking needs!


4. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock:
Do you know someone for whom no alarm clock is loud enough? Let me introduce you to the Sonic Bomb! This Sonic Alert alarm clock is very loud and even has an alert light option. As an additional measure, it comes with a bed shaking donut that the user places under a pillow. This powerful combination should wake up anyone who needs something short of a pail of cold water. There is also a Bluetooth version that wirelessly connects a user's cellphone to the bed shaking donut. This is great for those who can't employ an audible alarm.


5. Time Timer: 
Have you ever put a time limit on a child's favorite activity only to find that he or she is surprised and frustrated that the time is up? Have you said to yourself that you'd just take a 10-minute break only to discover that much more time had passed? Some of us struggle with the internal clock that helps us mark the passage of time. This sense is especially compromised if we are focused on an activity. A visual timer is a useful aid and support for these and similar situations. Add that TimeTimer has an audible alarm, and you won't blow through the time limits you set ever again.

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