Dear Clarence, We value your service. I believe we have already reaped benefits in that there is less whining and complaining about homework. Our son is approaching his homework more responsibly and he is just happier. We have not had any assignments that he forgot about (knock on wood) so far, and he is delighted to discover that there are technologies out there to assist him. We know that there is still much work we can do together with you and want to stay engaged.
— Michele and Kevin, Huntington Beach, CA

I was thinking about our sessions earlier today and just wanted to let you know that you’ve been a huge help. Your suggestions are huge game changers. I passed your information to a buddy of mine, I am not sure if you’re taking new clients, but he should be reaching out soon.
— S.A., Los Angeles

I reached out to Clarence for advice about my middle schooler. Clarence bought clarity and comfort to our world. He educated me on what we did, in fact, deserve from a teaching institution and provided real solutions. Clarence understands children, family dynamics, and professionalism. He was instrumental in guiding me to find the right place for my child and family. Also, he provided us tools to implement at home, to create the proper and productive structure we were looking for. I feel I have a better understanding of my child because of Clarence. I did a Google search looking for help and Clarence came up. I was hesitant to call, but let me tell you... it was the first and last call I ever had to make. A wonderful human being and a wonderful educator.
— Bridgette, Los Angeles, CA

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I sought out Clarence to help our son with Executive Function challenges during his first year at UCLA. I truly believe Clarence was a material cause of our son’s success. Clarence provided a systematic, but tailored, approach to helping our son develop productive study habits and problem-solving skills that resulted in measurable results. Better yet, Clarence is very personable and down to earth. When I asked our son how he would rank “Dr. Perkins’” overall value to him, he immediately offered, “a ten out of ten.” His parents agree.
— Mark, Orange County, CA

I approached Clarence because I have severe executive function deficits and I knew I needed help. He helped me by coming up with ways to get organized and stay motivated. The result was an increase in my productivity and well being. One thing I liked was his style, he is very nonjudgmental. I found the experience to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I would recommend Clarence to people who need help with executive function tasks.
— David, Los Angeles, CA

I called Dr. Perkins one evening when I was frustrated over my 7th-grade son’s continued struggles in school. He was frequently forgetting things, misunderstanding instructions and often confused about due dates of assignments. Dr. Perkins spoke to me about asking for a special education assessment from the school. Due to my son having high test scores and decent grades I was reluctant and felt I would be wasting my time. After a while, I decided to listen to Dr. Perkins’ advice and was surprised when the school offered my son an IEP for his ADHD-related struggles. Dr. Perkins helped me prepare for and attended my son’s initial IEP meeting. His contributions at the meeting were very helpful. I and ultimately resulted in a wonderful plan to help my son. I am very pleased that my son will receive more support at school and feel hopeful and optimistic.

One thing I like about working with Dr. Perkins is that he is very patient with my son but also challenges him to develop independence. My son responds well to him and for some reason is more accepting of direction from Dr. Perkins than from me when it comes to trying new things! I find the experience of working with Dr. Perkins to be very supportive and encouraging. Sometimes I feel exhausted and upset over school struggles, but it is nice to know that I have someone who can take a more objective look at the situation and offer ideas to help. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Perkins to people who need with ADHD-related issues.
— Ana, South Gate, CA

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We are happy to affirm our support for the services offered by Dr. Perkins! We have just learned that our son received passing grades in all of his classes for this year! About two months ago, that wasn’t the case. He was learning the subject matter but failing on executing discipline by turning in completed work assignments.

We are also pleased to share that there has been a noticeable improvement in our son’s attitude. He seems more willing to embrace adventure; a welcomed stage for him as he matures toward manhood. His attitude is shifting from “this challenge makes me afraid and nervous” to “I think I may be able to conquer this thing.”

Clarence is also helping us to understand better the dynamics of Executive Function Disorder, so we can cooperatively help our son and step away from being “rescuers” and more “on-hand resources” for him.
— Nicole and Gene, Covina, CA

I was feeling a little hopeless when I called Clarence. My ADHD was interfering with my success at work and personal well-being at home. The therapists I had worked with didn’t have ADHD as their focus, and their strategies were not effective for me. In contrast, working with Clarence has been transformative. ADHD is his focus, and his patient encouragement and practical strategies have helped me gain more control over my schedule and life. I recommend Clarence to you if you are looking for effective strategies to address the challenges of ADHD.
— Libby, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Clarence, Thank you for the encouragement and guidance that you offer my son. You are making a difference in his life! He is feeling more capable of handling things on his own.
— Nancy, Lake Balboa, CA

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