Had enough of "lazy," "unmotivated," "when your child decides to work," or "you never follow-through?"


I help children, teens, and adults gain control over their lives. Using the coaching model, I guide you to discover how you can get organized, manage time, increase productivity, and feel confident.

Coaching occurs in your home, via Skype, or at a location in Los Angeles convenient to you.

Executive Function/ADHD Coaching

The goal of executive function skills coaching is to help individuals become confident, productive, and independent. Coaching is a goal-oriented process where they discover and understand their strengths and challenges. They learn strategies, develop habits, and use digital technologies to increase productivity, make and maintain social relationships, control emotions, and stay organized.

Who Benefits From EFS Coaching?

At School


K-12 students benefit from coaching if they:

  • Can't get started on or complete homework or projects.
  • Forget important parts of multi-step directions.
  • Get overwhelmed by details and don't have confidence in themselves.
  • Struggle to maintain social relationships.
  • Can't easily recall what they learned during the school day.
  • Are disorganized and not able to keep track of assignments.
  • Take too much time to complete projects or assignments.

At College

At college

College students benefit from EFS Coaching if they struggle with:

  • Completing long-term assignments, projects, research, theses, or dissertations.
  • Establishing effective work routines and appropriate personal habits.
  • Getting to classes, meetings, jobs, or internships on time.
  • Establishing relationships with roommates, peers, professors, or supervisors.
  • Balancing school work, free-time, chores, and other responsibilities.

At Work


Adults benefit from EFS Coaching if they:

  • Procrastinate or only complete tasks at the last minute.
  • Fail to keep promises or follow through on commitments.
  • Have a hard time sustaining attention when working, or when conversing with others.
  • Have difficulty organizing and planning tasks in work or personal life.
  • Tend to make impulsive decisions, purchases, or comments.
  • Don't manage time well, show up late, and don't meet deadlines.

Dear Clarence, We value your service. I believe we have already reaped benefits in that there is less whining and complaining about homework. Our son is approaching his homework more responsibly and he is just happier. We have not had any assignments that he forgot about (knock on wood) so far, and he is delighted to discover that there are technologies out there to assist him.
— Michele and Kevin, Huntington Beach

How EFS Coaching Works!

EFS Coaching is an effective, evidence-based intervention for individuals with executive function skill deficits. Coaching is a supportive and goal-oriented process where individuals understand how to overcome their challenges by using their strengths. They are not taught to apply skills they don't have. Their coach works with them to develop co-creatively the strategies and habits that leverage their individual strengths.

Here's what you can expect from the process and outcome of executive function skills coaching:

  • Improved focus, time and task management, productivity, and confidence.
  • Solidify academic skills such as reading comprehension, writing organization, memorization, homework planning, and more.
  • An approach that helps individuals develop problem solving skills, create meaningful strategies, and reduce negative self-talk.
  • A system of feedback and accountability that helps individuals reach their goals.
  • Implementation of strategies to increase emotional control and productivity.
  • Active collaboration with family members, teachers, and supporting professionals.
  • Parenting strategies to improve life at home and school.
  • Planned development of independence through fading of external supports.


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Educational Advocacy Services

Individuals with Executive Function Deficits or ADHD don’t always receive the support they need because they are often smart and capable, but struggle with confidence, productivity, focus, and other skills. We assist you in securing accommodations at school or work, identifying appropriate schools or colleges, and providing tutors and test prep instructors who will meet your student's learning needs.

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