Younger Adults Benefit From Coaching If They Struggle With:

  • Clarifying what to do with their lives, whether it is work, college, or a combination.
  • Establishing effective work routines and appropriate personal habits.
  • Getting to classes, meetings, jobs, or internships on time.
  • Establishing relationships with roommates, peers, professors, or supervisors.
  • Balancing school work, free-time, chores, and other responsibilities.
  • Completing long-term assignments, projects, research, theses, or dissertations.

Executive Function | ADHD Coaching Can Help

The goal of executive function skills coaching is to help college students become focused, productive, and confident. Coaching is a goal-oriented process where they develop awareness of their strengths and challenges, learn executive function strategies that build on their strengths, and understand how to use them independently and consistently.

Benefits of Coaching With Dr. Perkins:

  • Improved focus, time and task management, productivity, and confidence.
  • Solidify academic skills such as reading comprehension, writing organization, memorization, homework planning, and more.
  • An approach that helps individuals develop problem solving skills, create meaningful strategies, and reduce negative self-talk.
  • Support for initiating and sustaining relationships with roommates, classmate, and university staff.
  • A system of feedback and accountability that helps individuals reach their goals.
  • Implementation of strategies to increase emotional control and productivity.
  • Active collaboration with family members, professors, and supporting professionals.
  • Planned development of independence through fading of external supports.
I sought out Clarence to help our son with Executive Function challenges during his first year at UCLA. I truly believe Clarence was a material cause of our son’s success. Clarence provided a systematic, but tailored, approach to helping our son develop productive study habits and problem-solving skills that resulted in measurable results. Better yet, Clarence is very personable and down to earth. When I asked our son how he would rank “Dr. Perkins’” overall value to him, he immediately offered, “a ten out of ten.” His parents agree.
— Mark, Orange County, CA

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